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Chimpie Interviews Tom Sepper of Site5

Hey everybody. It’s time for another Chat with Chimpie entry.

Earlier this month I created a blog entry, Tips on Creating a Great Support Ticket.  I received some great feedback and wanted to take the topic one step further.

I recently chatted with Tom Sepper, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Site5 Web Hosting about support tickets.

What are some common mistakes customers make when submitting tickets?

The biggest mistake is not including their domain name! We see countless times that customers forget that vital piece of information. Often times we are able to locate their account based on their email address, but when the email address is on file, we have to request additional information from them which may lead to further delays for a quick resolution.

What are some common requests you receive that customers can do themselves?

The most common requests we receive that customers can do themselves are password changes, adding parked/addon domains, and database imports. All of these can easily be accomplished within the customer’s control panel.

When we see common requests such as these, we in turn add them to our documentation. The feedback we get from these requests allow us to improve our documentation and provide better self-help resources for those customers that enjoy resolving issues on their own. For those customers that don’t enjoy that, we’re here for them!

What information should customers include every time they submit a ticket?

The most important piece of information is obviously their domain name!  Beyond the domain name, it is key to provide a thorough explanation of the problem.  Included with that explanation should be step-by-step instructions on how we can replicate the problem. Listing out steps will help us be able to resolve any issues in a quicker fashion since we are not having to figure out how to replicate the issue.

Does updating a ticket with additional information still bump it to the bottom of the queue?

No, thankfully! With our helpdesk that we built from the ground-up, we are able to ensure tickets are answered in the correct order and manner that is fair to everyone involved.

What goals does Site5 have to resolve a support ticket?

We’d like to be able to solve all tickets on the first response, but we know that isn’t realistic in every situation. Our goal is to resolve the ticket to the client’s satisfaction as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

What is the average time for a support ticket to be first addressed?

As quickly as possible! In all seriousness, as I type this, our average wait time for an actual support staff member’s response is five minutes.

What is the average time for a ticket to be completed?

That’s actually very difficult to answer, and here’s why – Site5 staff members do not close tickets! Why? Because we’re not the ones who dictate when a problem is resolved; the customer determines that. Our helpdesk will notify a customer when their ticket has been awaiting their reply for more than 30 days. If no response is received after that notification, their ticket will be closed due to inactivity.

What are some recommendations you can give to those who submit tickets?

Above all, remember that there’s another person on the other end of your ticket that is there to help. If your ticket contains a complaint, we’re all ears as we value constructive feedback – both positive and negative.  Ranting, shouting, etc. is a sure-fire way of invalidating your point real quick — no matter how valid your point really is. Presenting your complaints in a clear, concise, professional, calm, cool, and collected manner will go a long way.

Oh, and be sure to include your domain name! 🙂

Chimpie’s final thoughts

Support tickets are our link to our web hosts.  We use them in times of need.  When creating a support ticket we can help ourselves and our host by ensuring that we are providing accurate and pertinent information.

I would like to thank Tom for taking the time answer these questions about support tickets.  I hope you found the information useful.

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