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I hate websites that suck!

I hate websites that sucks. An introduction on why some websites make me want to throw my laptop against the wall.

This will probably end up being a multiple part blog entry, but right now, I just need to rant.  I need to vent.

For the past several years I’ve had a problem. I get upset when I visit a site that is either has outdated information, missing information, broken links, text that are supposed to be links but aren’t….UUUGGGHHH!

Seriously, why employ  someone (either by contract or full time) if they can’t do the job correctly?  Or is the person above that person too ignorant to realize that the job is not being done properly?

Let’s start out with two items that every webpage needs: A favicon and a page title.


Seriously?  This is 2013.  Why a website doesn’t have a favicon is beyond me.

What is a favicon?  It’s the little image that appears in the tab of your browser.

Chimpie's Favicon

The great thing about these images is that when you bookmark a page, the favicon is included with it. I’m a visual person.  I recognize and relate to images faster than I do text.  And I know I’m not the only one.  Just look at smartphones and the apps that people use.  What do people tap on?  The icon or the text?  They tap the icon.

Maybe in the near future I’ll create an entry that will instruct someone how to create and upload a favicon image.  However, looking at how consistent I’ve been about blogging (read: non-existent) it may not ever happen.

Page titles

This is another one of those simple things that (still shaking my head) people still don’t use.  Here’s an example:

No page title!

It was this page that drove me to log in and blog again.

Okay, this is double whammy.  No favicon and no page title. Well, actually, that’s not true.  They do have a page title but it’s the file name.  If someone were to bookmark this page, how would they have any idea what the bookmark is for?

I’ll add this to the ‘things I want to blog about’ as well.


So this blog entry is a little vague.  I haven’t blogged in 233 days, and haven’t REALLY blogged in…. way too long.  Maybe that’ll change.  Probably won’t.

Thanks for reading!

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