It’s 2015… no seriously, it is

Just a quick entry about my plan for 2015.

Wow, so much has changed since I first hopped on the web twenty years ago. I mean, I was accessing the internet via a Brother word processor, dial up modem and a Compuserve internet connection. I’m sure my younger readers have never even heard of Compuserve. Oh well.

So am I going to blog more than once every year and a half? That’s my goal. I think what deterred me from posting before is that I never really had a set niche that I wanted to talk about. All of my entries were pretty random, except for the beginning when I was excited about having my first smartphone. *sigh*

However, for the past ten years I’ve really focused on two areas: online communities (forums) and social media/networks, and using them to actual advance yourself personally and professionally. So I’m going to take my experiences and start blogging about them. I hope to publish a blog entry once a week.

Thanks for taking time to read this and hope everyone has a great year!

Update: I was tired of my old theme so I went back to a default one for the time being. Meh.

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