Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Binge watching another show… a show about nothing

After working on some projects in the morning, I spent the rest of new year’s day in front of the television binge watching a new show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. This show is about sixteen to twenty minutes long and shows comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld picking up a famous comedian in a classic car, driving to a coffee shop, chatting along the way. Once they arrive, they order coffee (obviously) and just start talking.

While heavily edited, these chats don’t have any central topic. The conversation bounces around just like a normal conversation with a friend would. I really enjoy this type a show (another show about nothing?) and can see myself following it on a weekly basis.

The show is produced by Crackle. Crackle has an app for smartphones, tablets and televisions. I’ve been using the television app and while I’m able to watch the show, it doesn’t seem to be very user friendly. I have to go through the menu each time to watch the next show, instead of the next episode automatically playing. Besides that little annoyance, everything about the experience is just fine. You can also watch the show on their website:
Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

If you have some spare time I recommend you watching an episode or two. I think you’ll enjoy the little break.

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