15 August 2013

I hate websites that suck!

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I hate websites that sucks. An introduction on why some websites make me want to throw my laptop against the wall.

25 December 2012


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It’s been 537 days since I’ve updated this blog.
Does Chimpie still exist? Yes. I’m very much here.
What has Chimpie been doing? A little of this. A little of that. I’ve mainly been working on two sites: EMTLife.com and SkywarnOnline.com. I also have a life offline (shocking, I know). I’m in retail management, and for anyone who’s worked retail before, you know it sucks the life out of you (time wise).
Will you be updating this blog more frequently? I’d love to, but I have still have no idea what to blog about. A blog should be about one main topic (business, tech, forums, website management, SEO, etc.) A general purpose blog never works. It’s been suggested that I write a personal blog, but I already have Facebook and Twitter for my random thoughts. I’m not ready for a full …

7 July 2011

Chimpie, where are you?

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So, yes, I gave up blogging.  I do feel, however, that I need to either blog or change the format of the site.
Lately I have been spending more of my time volunteering than I have in recent years.  This has brought me much happiness and I have met a lot of great people.
So what should I do?  Attempt blogging yet again or change the format of the site?  And if I change the format of the site, what do I change it to?
Decisions, decisions.

21 January 2011

Who wants Starbucks?

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Beginning in February I’ll be starting a side project.  It’ll be something that I’ll be doing just for fun and will provide more information later.  Right now I need to increase my fan base and there’s no easier way to do that than to give away free stuff, right?
I’m giving away Starbucks gift cards to random followers on DailyBooth, Facebook & Twitter.  All you have to do is follow me on those sites and you’re entered to win.  On Monday January 24, 2011 I’ll select two people from each network and mail them a gift card.
Be sure to follow me on each network to increase your chances to win!!
Good luck!

6 January 2011

Quick Upate

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I just wanted to send a quick update to everyone who follows my blog.
I have new ideas on what to do with my site.  It will be changing in the very near future.  Be sure to follow my Facebook and Twitter pages so you’ll be in the know.

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